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Updated: June 3, 2020

Pedigree Policy

RSI shall not be liable for the value of, and cannot guarantee credit for products that were purchased outside of “normal pharmaceutical distribution channels”. This includes products that were not purchased directly by Customer from a particular manufacturer or directly by our Customer from an approved primary wholesaler/distributor of said manufacturer. This also includes items purchased on a speculative basis, products that were purchased outside of the United States, counterfeit items, diverted items, and any product purchased by Customer on a non-returnable basis, including short-dated product purchased at a discounted price.

At any time, RSI or product manufacturer may require proof-of-purchase (pedigree) for such product. If product has been shipped by RSI or its Customer to a manufacturer or their agent, RSI cannot guarantee the return of product to Customer, and in no instance shall RSI be responsible for reimbursing Customer for such product. Manufacturers reserve the right to destroy such product without issuing credit.

In the event product is available for return to Customer, it shall be at Customer’s expense. If Customer is unable to have product returned within 14 days, product is subject to be destroyed without any payment or credit issued to Customer. In any dispute, failure by Customer to provide a product-pedigree shall release RSI from any and all liability of products involved in dispute.

In no instance shall RSI’s liability for any product exceed the actual cost paid for product by Customer. For certain product with an unconfirmed pedigree RSI may give Customer the option of returning product for credit. Should Customer choose to return product for credit, RSI’s rate will apply to these returns, and is non-refundable. Credit for such returns is not guaranteed. If credit is denied and RSI has already issued credit to Customer, RSI reserves the right to deduct that credit from a future return. 

More information on drug pedigrees is available on the FDA website at:

Pedigree Requirements under 21 CFR Part 203

MedCollect Policies

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your order up until it has been shipped. If you’d like to cancel, please contact us at 866.268.4956 or email admin@mymedcollect.com.

Return Policy

You may return your unused collection cabinet and collection kits in their original packaging within 5 business days of receipt provided you pay for return shipping to our warehouse.  Please notify us of your return by emailing admin@mymedcollect.com. Once received and inspected, we will refund any payments made minus the cost of the original shipment of the cabinet and kits.