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Receive a single check, for all expired pharmaceutical return credit due through the OneCheck Select program, in as few as 10 days.

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Trusted By Pharmacists Since 1992

Reclaim time spent tracking expired pharmaceutical return credits so you can focus on what matters most. The OneCheck Select program eliminates credit tracking, freeing up your time to dedicate to patient care and running your business. Credit values are listed on the check stub, so you know exactly how much you have received from each manufacturer. Our all-inclusive fee is a fixed percentage of your credit value and is deducted directly from the check we issue to you.

Receive Credit Quickly

We offer you the choice of receiving your credit within 10, 30, or 90 days.

Simplified Reimbursement

Credit due through OneCheck Select is consolidated into a single check.

No Hidden Charges

Our all-inclusive fee is deducted from the check we issue, so there are no surprises.

The OneCheck Select Difference

Receive a single check, for all credit due from Return Solutions, within your choice of 10, 30, or 90 days after your return.
The OneCheck Select program:
  • Combines credit into a single check
  • Virtually eliminates credit tracking
  • Simplifies the reconciliation process
  • Offers choice of reimbursement speed

On-Site Service

Let our experienced representatives take care of your entire return from start to finish – all you have to do is schedule an appointment. Your dedicated service representative will spend 2-3 hours scanning your prescription shelves for outdated items. We scan all merchandise into our proprietary software and provide you with a complete inventory and credit estimate the day of your service. All items are boxed and sealed, and a FedEx pickup is scheduled for the next business day.

Mail-In Service

Do your returns on your own schedule by using our online portal to create returns, inventory items, and print return forms and prepaid UPS shipping labels. Simply scan the bar code or enter the NDC and the drug information will populate. Then all you have to do is fill in the quantity, lot number, and expiration date. You can keep a running inventory until you’re ready to ship your items – your list is automatically saved. Print your prepaid shipping labels and give your boxes to any UPS driver.  As soon as we process your return you’ll be able to view your inventory and credit estimate online.

Destruction Service

We provide a safe, simple, and approved way to dispose of unwanted, unsaleable pharmaceutical products. Since 1992, we’ve destroyed over 5000 tons of pharmaceutical waste, including over 100 tons of hazardous waste. Destruction services can be initiated using our website, where you can create an inventory of any controlled substances and print a return authorization and prepaid UPS shipping labels. Non-hazardous items are destroyed by an EPA-approved, Energy-from-Waste incineration facility. Controlled substance destruction is witnessed by at least two of our employees and all appropriate forms are sent to you and the DEA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

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How long have you been in business?

We’ve been in business for 27 years – we were founded in November of 1992.

What makes you different from your competitors?

  • The OneCheck Select Program
    • All credit due from us is issued directly to you in a single check rather than dozens of individual credits from manufacturers or a series of checks as the credits are issued
  • Simple, transparent fee calculation
    • No add-on or hidden charges
    • Our fee is a percentage of the credit issued to you and is deducted from your check
  • Flexibility and capability
    • We can customize our service to our customers’ individual needs

How are your fees calculated?

Our fee is a fixed percentage of the credit we issue to you – there are never any additional charges for shipping, controls processing, or destructions of non-returnable items with qualifying return for credit. We deduct the fee from the check we issue to you, so there is no invoice or up-front payment.

How do you determine your credit estimate?

We use an average net cost to determine our credit estimate and have an entire department dedicated to pricing accuracy. We use a combimation of WAC, NADAC pricing, and historical credit to arrive at an estimate that has historically been within 2% of the actual credit issued by manufacturers.


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Are you licensed with the DEA?

Yes. Our DEA number is RP0216223. We are licensed to handle schedules II-V. We maintain ARCOS compliance and keep all records for a period of at least two years. A copy of our license will be provided for your records.

Are you licensed with the EPA?

Yes. Our EPA identification number is TND053986808. We provide EPA approved disposal of all non-returnable products.


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How do I create an account?

You can click the “Sign Up” link in our menu or call 865.777.4582 to speak directly with one of our new account representatives.

Should I choose on-site or mail-in service?

Choose our on-site service if:
  • Your staff doesn’t have adequate time to thoroughly scan your shelves for outdated items
  • You don’t want to deal with returns yourself
  • You want a complete inventory and estimate before the items leave your store
  • You want an experienced eye analyzing your returns and advising how you can maximize your credit
Choose our mail-in service if:
  • You prefer to do your returns yourself
  • You are confident your staff is thoroughly searching your shelves
  • You have time to process a return every 3-4 months

What areas do you cover with the on-site service?

We provide on-site service within the continental U.S. If your pharmacy is not in an area where we have a dedicated representative, we will work with you to schedule a date when a representative is nearby.

How often should I complete a return?

If you use our on-site service, we recommend that you schedule an appointment every six months.
If you use our mail-in service, we recommend that you complete a return every 3-4 months.

Do I have to inventory my items?

If you choose our on-site service, our representative will provide a complete inventory and estimate before he leaves your store.
If you choose our mail-in service, we require that you inventory all controls on our website prior to shipping. If you have Schedule II items, you must submit your return and wait to receive your DEA 222 form before you ship your items. We do not require that you inventory non-controls. However; some states may require you to inventory all items, so if you choose to only inventory controls please be aware of the regulations within your state.

Do you accept controlled substances?

Yes, we accept Schedule II-V items.

Can I ship my controlled and non-controlled items together?

Yes, but we ask that you separate the controls from the non-controls (place the controls in a bag inside of the box being shipped.) CII items may only be shipped upon receipt of a DEA 222 form, so please hold all items until you receive this form and then ship everything together.

How are my packages shipped?

If you use our on-site service, package pickup is arranged with FedEx ground by our representative. If you use our mail-in service, packages are shipped via UPS and you can give your packages to any UPS driver.

If I close my store can I return items that are still in-date?

Yes. We will process your out-of-date merchandise immediately. We will store and age product that is too far in-date and return it at future times.

How do you dispose of items that are not returned to the manufacturer?

We use an EPA licensed incinerator for the environmentally sound disposal of all products not returned directly to the manufacturers or their agents. The incineration of controlled substances is witnessed by at least two Return Solutions employees.

DEA 222 Forms

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How long is a 222 form valid?

60 days. If you have not shipped your packages within 60 days of the form being issued you must write “VOID – PLEASE RE-ISSUE” on the form and mail it back to the address on the form.

What do I do with the 222 form copies that I receive?

Keep the brown copy for your records and mail the green copy to your local DEA office.

What is the address of my local DEA office?

Please click here to visit the DEA website and find the office nearest you.

Can I remove an item from a 222 form?

Yes. If you choose not to ship an item or to ship a smaller quantity of an item that is listed on the form, be certain to record this in the “Packages Shipped” column on the right side of the form (i.e. packages shipped would be “0” if you removed all of an item listed on the form.)

Can I add an item to the 222 form?

No, you must request an additional 222 form if you would like to add an item.


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How do I receive credit?

The majority of your credit, typically about 85-90% of the dollar value of a return, is included in a single check that we issue directly to you.
There are a few manufacturers that choose to credit pharmacies directly rather than allowing credit to be issued through a reverse distributor, so those will come either in a check directly from the manufacturer or post as a credit from your wholesaler.

How do I reconcile my credit?

For credit issued from Return Solutions, manufacturer credit values are listed on the check stub you receive.
For credit issued directly from manufacturers, you will either receive a check from the manufacturer or credit through your wholesaler. You can enter these credits on our website or write them down on the form we provide along with your estimate. If you are unable to locate these, we will happily assist you in doing so. Please call 1.800.579.4804 to reach our customer service department.

What happens if the manufacturer ends up paying more or less than the estimate?

If a manufacturer pays less in credit than our estimate, the pharmacy still receives the full amount of our estimate and we lose the difference. If they pay more, we keep the overage. We are historically within 2% of our estimate versus the credit a manufacturer actually issues.

Why is the actual credit I received different from your estimate?

Determining the amount of your credit is a very inexact science. It is impossible for us or anyone else to know exactly what the amount of your credit will be. Our figures are only estimates, and your credit will usually be within 2% of our estimate.

Manufacturers and Policies

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Can I return partial products?

Yes, but it depends on the manufacturer’s policy whether or not they are returnable for credit.

Can I return OTC items?

Yes, we do accept OTC items, but the majority of OTC items (about 70%) are not returnable for credit. However, if the manufacturer allows for the return of OTC’s we process them for credit and they are included in your estimate and check. If they are not returnable for credit we dispose of them free of charge.

How far out of date can I return an item?

however, credit only for products out of date for six months or less. We keep a detailed database of the policies of each manufacturer. The easiest thing for you is to allow us to sort through your merchandise and determine what is returnable and what is not.

How far in-date can I return an item?

Some manufacturers will accept merchandise regardless of how far in-date and some allow the return of outdated product only. We will process items up to four months in-date based on the manufacturer’s current policy.

Why do some manufacturers accept returns and others do not?

The manufacturers that have good return policies stand behind their products. This shows that they respect the risk a pharmacy or wholesaler takes when stocking merchandise. Some manufacturers simply don’t believe it is in their best interest to offer a policy that guarantees the sale of their products. This tends to put more risk on the companies stocking their products.

Pedigree Statement

Recent changes within our industry have caused us to become more cautious about which items we are able to process for credit. We have a very strict pedigree policy regarding certain items.

Products diverted from indigent-patient programs along with short-dated or slow-moving product may be available to purchase on secondary markets for a discounted price. These products are usually not returnable for credit and we are unable to process them. We ask that you not return such product for credit. We will, however, dispose of it free-of-charge providing that the cost to do so is not more than 15% of revenue generated from processing your return. Typically, this will not apply to our valued customers who purchase products from a reputable wholesaler, but because questionable items are being returned to us with increased frequency we are asking everyone to acknowledge our policy, stated below.

Also, certain characteristics of a return may trigger a “red flag” that would cause drug manufacturers to require proof of where and for what price a product was purchased. This can include bulk items of a single NDC, indicative of products purchased on a speculative basis with the anticipation of a price increase. In such cases we will request invoices from the customer to be certain the product meets our Pedigree Policy. If no invoices are provided this product may be processed in one of two ways at RSI’s discretion:

Manufacturer Direct Credit – Manufacturer will determine value and issue credit directly to Customer.

Pay-On-Receipt (POR) – RSI will issue credit to Customer upon receipt of credit from manufacturer (an additional processing fee of up to 20% may apply.)

Return Solutions’ Pedigree Policy

RSI shall not be liable for the value of, and cannot guarantee credit for products that were purchased outside of “normal pharmaceutical distribution channels”. This includes products that were not purchased directly by Customer from a particular manufacturer or directly by our Customer from an approved primary wholesaler/distributor of said manufacturer. This also includes items purchased on a speculative basis, products that were purchased outside of the United States, counterfeit items, diverted items, and any product purchased by Customer on a non-returnable basis, including short-dated product purchased at a discounted price.

At any time, RSI or product manufacturer may require proof-of-purchase (pedigree) for such product. If product has been shipped by RSI or its Customer to a manufacturer or their agent, RSI cannot guarantee the return of product to Customer, and in no instance shall RSI be responsible for reimbursing Customer for such product. Manufacturers reserve the right to destroy such product without issuing credit.

In the event product is available for return to Customer, it shall be at Customer’s expense. If Customer is unable to have product returned within 14 days, product is subject to be destroyed without any payment or credit issued to Customer. In any dispute, failure by Customer to provide a product-pedigree shall release RSI from any and all liability of products involved in dispute.

In no instance shall RSI’s liability for any product exceed the actual cost paid for product by Customer. For certain product with an unconfirmed pedigree RSI may give Customer the option of returning product for credit. Should Customer choose to return product for credit, RSI’s rate will apply to these returns, and is non-refundable. Credit for such returns is not guaranteed. If credit is denied and RSI has already issued credit to Customer, RSI reserves the right to deduct that credit from a future return. 

More information on drug pedigrees is available on the FDA website at:

Pedigree Requirements under 21 CFR Part 203